2017 Virginia Crash Facts Released

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2017 Virginia Crash Facts Released

The 2017 Virginia Crash Facts publication is now available on the VA DMV website. It reflects that in 2017, there were -

7,285 alcohol related crashes

4,430 alcohol related injuries

248 alcohol related fatalities

= @ 21 crashes/12 injuries per day and a fatality @ every other day.


How Do We Love Law Enforcement? Let Us Count the Ways!

At MADD, we often express our appreciation of law enforcement for their impaired driving enforcement and prevention efforts. But recently at a Victim Impact Panel, we were reminded of another reason to be appreciative: their service in notifying families of the loss of a loved one. Recently we became aware that a number of our victim volunteers received notification of their loved one’s death by the same Fairfax County Police Officer, Detective J.J. Banachoski. Read more about Det. Banachoski and upcoming MADD VA Death Notification Training here!


In Memory of Kathy Catlin

We recently learned that Kathleen Catlin, a beloved volunteer with MADD VA for over 16 years, passed away on January 23rd, 2018. As a MADD VA victim advocate, Kathy assisted and consoled impaired driving crash victims and their loved ones across Virginia. She will be profoundly missed by many.



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4/21/18 - PowerTalk 21 Day – MADD presentation at Young Driver and Parent Education Program- UVA

4/28/18 - It Takes Village - Henrico Prevention Coalition event

5/19/18 – Walk Like MADD - Sterling


Impaired Driving Stories in the News

2/11/18, Romero Maltonado, Prince William County

2/19/18, Isaiah Wilborn, Manassas

2/24/18, Gianni Argueta, Newport News

2/26/18, Andrew Dodson, Fauquier

2/27/18, Hannah Ford, Madison

3/13/18, Gregory Muse-Berger, Franklin County

Man Charged in Drunk Driving Crash Hours After Appearing in Court for DUI

MADD Around VA


Daughter of volunteers Lisa and Dan Black, supporting her mom’s WALK team at her high school.


MADD Loudoun Volunteer Susan Cleveland with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office: thanking the Sheriff for being a Walk Like MADD- Sterling Got Sneakers Collection Location, and presenting Sgt. Nugent with a certificate of appreciation for his years of dedicated service to MADD Loudoun.


Volunteer Bob Walsh presenting to the Virginia Beach Police Recruit Academy

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